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Because indoor air quality is so important to the health of your family, Steamway provides professional mold remediation services. We will come to your home and perform a mold evaluation to determine what needs to be done.  For more information click here and type in mold.

Mold is a natural part of our world. Outdoors it breaks down and recycles organic materials. Indoors, however, mold growth should be avoided in order to maintain a healthy home. If a mold problem is threatening your home and your family, our certified technicians will use EPA and industry approved methods to thoroughly rid your home of the mold and the toxins it produces.


What surprises most homeowners is that there are no products proven to kill mold spores. Most products that advertise mold removal do little more than cause mold spores to become dormant and/or turn a transparent color. The mold is still present and can, in favorable conditions, return to a viable state. The only way to truly get rid of mold is to remove the source. In some cases this is very difficult, such as on structural beams or porous and hygroscopic materials. In these cases the mold spores must be removed as much as possible utilizing specialized equipment and processes, and the materials must be sealed so the mold spores cannot spread.


Steamway uses a combination of airborne and tape sampling to check for mold. Airborne sampling will identify the type and quantity of mold present. Often air samples will be used to measure the general air quality of the area. Tape sampling is done when there is visible mold and the species of the mold must be identified. There are thousands of types of mold, and qualified restoration firms need to know what type of mold or level of contamination is present prior to the what needs to be done.

Additional sampling after mold remediation is often performed to insure the effectiveness of the project.


It is impossible to keep mold spores completely out of your home; they can be found in the air, in dust, on shoes, etc. Most of these spores are harmless unless they come into contact with moisture. Indoor conditions must be controlled to avoid mold growth, and in most cases it is easily controlled just by managing the moisture levels in your home. If there is active mold in your home, it must be cleaned up and the moisture issue must be fixed. If the moisture problem is not fixed, the mold will almost certainly come back.

Keep indoor humidity levels low. Ideally, humidity should be kept around 30 percent or so. Most dehumidifiers now have digital controls and can be set to a specific humidity level. Also, keep all areas well ventilated. Mold likes stagnant air; it is hard for mold to grow when there is good airflow. Always run an exhaust fan or open a window when showering. If you discover you have a water issue, act fast. Mold can start to develop on wet materials within only a few hours.

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