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Fire Restoration

Your home is meant to be a sanctuary—a place of refuge from the stresses and demands of life. The structure itself holds the things you value: important documents, photographs, furniture, clothing and food. When fire damage occurs, the sanctity of your refuge is breached. Even a "small" fire can render your home unlivable. Toxins created by smoke and heat, chemical agents from extinguishers, and water all conspire together to make your home an unsafe environment.

Steamway will help you manage the chaos caused by the fire. As soon as the flames are out, our team of certified professionals are ready to survey the damage, help you secure your valuables, develop a plan, and begin the cleaning process. Our most important goal is to restore the sanctity of your home.


A home or business fire doesn't involve only the owner. There are a host of agencies, entities and individuals to contend with. Steamway coordinates between insurance companies, contractors and subcontractors, neighbors, relatives, homeowners associations, and engineers to protect the rights and property of the owner and to manage all aspects of the cleaning and restoration process. We keep the lines of communication open between all parties and work to get the work done quickly and correctly.

Our years of experience in these complex situations enable us to anticipate situations or questions before they arise. Proper planning allows us to accurately determine the costs involved and the estimated time lines. And by maintaining open lines of communication between all entities involved, we substantially reduce errors, adhere to an aggressive production schedule, and eliminate unnecessary expenses.

We have developed a system of operation that gives you, your insurance company, and other interested parties a reliable point of contact throughout the entire process. We have raised the standard of service within our industry, and our certified professionals will be there to help you every step of the way. If you've experienced fire or smoke damage, we can come to your home or business to do a thorough evaluation and answer any questions you will have. Visit our Project Gallery page to see all we can do.


Call Steamway immediately.

Once the flames have been extinguished and the fire department has given you clearance to enter the home, our certified professionals will enter the home with you to ensure your safety. We will help you retrieve any important documents, items, and any other valuables. We will help you document what you find and the condition of each item, and we will help you determine how best to preserve or store those items.

Appropriate caution should be taken before allowing children and pets to return to the fire-damaged structure. The lingering smoke particles, dust and chemicals could cause serious health hazards.


Fire can strike any home for any reason, and every homeowner should have a plan in place in case it happens. Be sure every member of your family knows how to quickly escape from every room in the house. Place stickers on your doors that advise the fire department how many adults, children, and pets reside in the home.

Make an inventory of your belonging and keep it updated. Store a copy of your inventory list, a list of your credit cards and bank accounts, wills, and other valuable documents in a fireproof safe in your home or in a safe deposit box at your bank. Keep a list of emergency phone numbers to contact in case of such an emergency, including: relatives, churches, schools, employers, and insurance agents. A copy of this contact list should also be kept in your safe deposit box or fireproof safe.

Why Steamway?

  • All of our technicians are trained in customer service, etiquette and are the image of professionalism.
  • Steamway has the largest certified staff with the most years of experience in the area.
  • Steamway does background checks on every employee because we care about your safety and assets.
  • We have the staff, equipment and knowledge to restore even the largest losses.
  • Steamway has the best equipment on the market. We are constantly advancing in technology to be the leaders in our industry.
  • Steamway is the preferred vendor for many major insurance companies which means we've earned their trust. We work directly with your insurance company, all the while keeping you informed.



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