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Our son suffered for months with cold-like symptoms and was not sleeping well. Finally we took him to an allergist and he discovered our son is allergic to cats. We had had a cat in the house and the allergist said that we needed to have our ducts cleaned to get rid of all the hair and allergens. Steamway cleaned our ducts and literally within days our son was himself again! Thanks Steamway!

Duct Cleaning

1 out of 6 people suffer from allergies due to contaminates in the air duct systems. Air ducts should be cleaned every 5 to 7 years, or after any major remodeling job.

Contaminant removal is done with a rotary brush or air whip. Our "Source Removal Process" is the highest standard in the industry.

Did you know? The average adult inhales 2 tbs. of household dust daily! Clean vents can help provide allergy relief!

• Ventilation Duct Cleaning
• Clean both return and supply air ducts
• Sanitizing and deodorizing services available
• Residential dryer vent cleaning
• Industrial exhaust vent cleaning
• High structure cleaning

Our Cleaning Process:
• Debris is loosened with special agitation tools inserted into each vent opening using “forced air source removal”.
• All vent covers and interior surfaces of your ductwork are then "air-washed" utilizing 180 pounds per square inch of air pressure and special air tools to reach normally inaccessible areas.
• The 8" diameter vacuum hose attached to your ductwork assures that loosened debris is suctioned out of your home and not discharged into your living environment
• Process removes: Dust - Mold - Odor - Pet Dander - Construction Debris - Soot

We work closely with the insurance and fire restoration industry when HVAC systems have incurred fire, smoke and water damage. Our services are utilized by local hospitals, major industrial and private corporations.

Serving Southeastern South Dakota since 1968 with 6 convenient locations
Mitchell, Yankton, Vermillion, Sioux Falls, Brookings, Chamberlain, and Huron

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Steamway Cleaning & Restoration in Sioux Falls is the premier carpet cleaning, water restoration, fire restoration, duct cleaning, mold remediation, tile & grout cleaning, and thermal imaging company. Steamway Cleaning & Restorations serves the areas of Sioux Falls, Mitchell, Vermillion, Brookings, Yankton, Huron, Chamberlain, Northwest Iowa, and Southwest Minnesota. Hosting by Gage eServices.